Why I do That Extra Rep

i canAs many of you know, I am a bootcamp instructor and personal trainer. At my classes the fitness levels vary: there are 15 year olds next to 65 year olds.  IRONMANers next to Couch to 5kers.  You get the point.  There are others ways to see differences, however. There’s the ones who push past uncomfortable next to the people who just breeze through class comfortably. The ones who finish an exercise with shaking muscles, heart pumping, hands on knees, nearly ready to puke next to the ones who are holding a comfortable conversation.  The ones who do that last rep with one second left, and those who end with 3 seconds left.  I must say I have an equal respect for both of these categories. I DO understand that we are all there for our own reasons, and I applaud EVERY bootcamper that walks through the door.

My clients may not know I see these things (although many have said they think I have eyes in the back of my head)  but I do!  I found a quote last night that read, “don’t be upset with the results you didn’t get with the work you didnt do”  I love this quote for so many reasons. It relates to SO MANY PEOPLE I know, especially in the fitness world.  So often I hear excuses from people of why they aren’t succeeding to meet their goals, but may not understand what it really takes to get there.  Let me give some examples.

We are so fortunate at mission FITNESS to have instructors that walk the walk.  They are billboards for fitness and hard work.  My brother, the owner, is not naturally fast.  He is not naturally strong and bulky.  He is 5’7, 155 pounds.  However, he is not only finishing 5Ks in the top 5 overall (18:30ish finishes) but also just qualified for Boston Marathon, doing Vermont City Marathon at 3:05.  Just a couple of years ago he was setting WORLD RECORDS for bench pressing, putting up 360 pounds!  None of this came easy.  It came because he did the work.  He did that last rep with one second left.

Then there’s the trainer who is in her 40’s with 4 kids.  She is in ridiculous shape and just finished a recent 5K 4th placecomfortable female overall.  I hear so many other Mom’s say they don’t have enough time.  However, those same Mom’s are at my class for the same hour this trainer is.  Guess which one stops with 3 seconds left and which one does that last rep?  Guess which one walks out of class dripping in sweat with NOTHING left to give while the other walks out feeling great and looking good?

Another trainer is the one I specifically saw and made me think of this blog  After my class the other day I had to go up to her and tell her why I love her.  Why she inspires me.  She ALWAYS does that extra rep.  She NEVER stops if she thinks she won’t get that last burpee in.  She just goes 33 seconds instead of 30 if that’s the case.  She is so physically fit, and this is not because it is easy.  It is because she stays after the class she teaches to do a workout ALONE and STILL finishes the exercise with her hands on her knees breathing hard when NO ONE is watching.  This is what separates one athlete from the next.  This is what brings people to the next level.  This is what inspires me when I want to stop with 2 seconds left.  This is why I DO THE LAST REP!

easyPLEASE, don’t get me wrong…I am 100% ok with someone coming to my class to just get 1 hour of exercise in and staying comfortable during class.  This is better than NOT working out.  I award you for being there.  I love that you are there.  This is about those who complain that they aren’t losing weight, they aren’t losing any time off their 5k, 1/2 marathon, marathon, etc time.  However, they are stopping with 3 seconds left.  These are the ones I think of when I hear “don’t be upset with the results you didn’t get with the work you didn’t do”  Getting to the next level in the fitness world takes a lot of work, dedication and discipline.  I am very fortunate to work with trainers who make me want to be better, stronger, and work harder.  I am also lucky to train MANY people who do the same.  Many of my bootcampers have no idea how much the INSPIRE ME.  Thank you.. 



mondayThe other day I drove by my old “corporate job” and instinctively I got that uneasy feeling in my stomach.  The one that hit me every day as I pulled down the road, and into the driveway of my work.  5, sometimes 6 days a week this would happen.  And then there was Sunday Night…ugh!  I hated Sunday Nights.  It meant Monday was only one wakeup away.  So, what day DID I enjoy?  Saturday?  Well, I worked every other Saturday.  So, for a few years I lived a life when I only enjoyed every other Saturday.  Awesome.  What a life.

I had almost forgotten about that life until I drove past that office, and felt that nausea feeling instinctively.  I could only think, “how many people still live that life every day?”  A life when you dread almost every day because you hate your job, and only stay at it because it pays well or has good “benefits”?  If you ask me…you can keep those “benefits”!  My new life has its own benefits, and in my eyes they far outweigh a 401K or health insurance!

I have the BENEFIT of waking up every day with a different schedule.  Some days I work at the golf course, some days I train, and some days I do both.  At mission FITNESS I workIMG_7647 with amazing people, trainers and clients, who inspire me everyday.  There is an energy that engulfs the studio, one that all who are a part of the MF Family understand.  It is a positive, energetic environment that I feel privilege to be a part of.

I have the BENEFIT to do what I have passionate about my whole life: FITNESS.  I receive “thank you” emails, cards, and texts often for pushing people and helping them achieve their fitness goals, yet I feel I am the lucky one. I feel I am the one that should be sending the Thank You’s!  These AMAZING people have chosen MY class out of NUMEROUS options in the area, and for that I am so thankful!

BCCI have the BENEFIT of pulling into my 2nd job surrounded by beautiful ponds, flowers, and fairways.  What is more beautiful than a golf course in the Spring?!?!  I drive around a golf cart all day, selling beverages to golfers, most of which are in a wonderful mood because they are GOLFING, not working!  I meet amazing people, and work alongside some wonderful people…some who ARE family, others I consider “family”.

I have the BENEFIT of pulling into my job(s) excited to be there.  I look forward to Sunday nights because my day off now is Monday!  I spend it with my husband trail running, with my girlfriends drinking coffee, or just relaxing.  I like the world I have chosen.  A world when the only thing better than a Sunday Night is a Monday morning!  Life is what you make of it.  Find a way to make every day a Saturday and Monday your favorite day!

A Training Moment That Will “Stick”

trail mindThere are several reasons why I enjoy being a fitness instructor/personal trainer.

There are the obvious reasons:

  1. Make my own schedule
  2. Workout for a living
  3. Surrounded by fitness and positive energy

However, there are so many more benefits I find as I pursue this fitness career.  I have been involved with fitness my whole life, and even went on to get my degree in Physical Education and Health.  However, there are some things you will never learn on your own, in the books, or at school.  There are certain lessons you may only learn through others…through experience.

One of those moments occured last weekend.  A moment that I will likely refer back to not only in my clients training sessions, but my own.  What that lesson was: YOU ARE STRONGER THAN YOU THINK.

This is a phrase I use often, and strongly agree with.  However, sometimes a moment occurs that represents it in such black and white that it just “sticks”.  This weekend I was training a new client and had them hold the plank as long as they could.  I didn’t tell them what their time was, but she held it for 25 seconds.  After a small rest period, I said, “ok, we are going to drop it down to 30 now”  Guess what?  She held it for 30.  Then she held it for 45.

On her own, she felt she was done at 25 seconds.  With the help of a little mind trickery, a little confidence from her trainer and a goal..she held it for almost double.  YOUR MIND WILL ALWAYS GIVE UP BEFORE YOUR BODY DOES!  Next time you want to give up during your workout, remember you can go longer than you think!