Surviving the Treadmill

Like many of my past posts have stated, it’s been a tough winter for this girl. For someone who LOVES the outdoors, feeds off the outdoors, thrives in the woods, but HATES the cold…like beyond hates …more than anything HATES…it has even a tough one. With temps regularly going below zero lately, I have found myself on the treadmill more than I would like. So,here’s what I have been doing to make time pass quicker.

My Treadmill Workout

1 mile warmup

1 mile Half Marathon Pace

Go up .2 every mile until you hit 6 miles

Go back up to HM pace

Go up .1 every 30 seconds until you can’t go any harder (possibly 5k pace)

Go back to HM

start again, raising .1 every 30 seconds


I have done this 3 times now, once for 10 miles and twice for 8 miles.  All 3 times I ended up with a 7:24 average pace. I can’t say it was easy and there weren’t times I wanted to quit, but when I was done I was happy. This was a great pace for where I am at with my running fitness, especially on the treadmill.

My Numbers

Warm Up at 7.3 = 8:13 pace

Half Marathon Pace at 8.0 = 7:30

Fastest Pace at 9.1 = 6:36

8 miles

Average Pace = 7:24


“You have to do what others won’t, to achieve what others don’t.”

As many of you know, I have been training for my first ultra marathon these past couple of months. I signed up for the Bimblers Bluff 50Kish (the “ish” is what is killing me. An extra 1.5 miles. Seems so short. Tell that to my legs when I hit 18.5 miles on Sunday. Ouch) which is October 20th. It takes place through the woods of Southern Connecticut, consisting of mostly single track and forest roads.


My training has been going well. Much different from my Hartford Marathon training. There’s the obvious: I am training mostly in the woods as opposed to mostly on the road.  However, there are other changes I have made that I am very happy with. I was lucky enough to find a great training partner who has taught me a lot about how to train. Probably because he has ultra running experience, and his wife is a ROCKSTAR runner. the real deal.  ( So, when a chick that rocks out sub 3 hour marathons & sub 18 min 5Ks tells you to do AB and C to get stronger & faster, you do it. Even if C is running on the ROAD doing 1/4 mile repeats. Yuck.


But, me & the rockstars hubs do them. Why?  As he says, “coach said so”. Well, turns out, as it has happened through most my sports career, coach may be right. While doing my last 2 training runs (18 & 20 miles at Case Mountain) I felt strong. I felt good (except that last 1.5 miles Sunday). So, I have found a new, strange, love for speed work and hill repeats. I am realizing that training plans and coaches have you do these (awful) workouts because they work.

So, instead of just going out and running different distances at whatever speed feels right for the day, then adding 2 miles to each long run, I am now mixing in some hill repeats, track workouts, core and bootcamp classes at mission FITNESS (, 30-50 mile bike rides, and lots of foam rolling!  I am hoping this will all make sense and come together on October 20th  for a strong race!