I am happy to say that things have turned around quite nicely since my last post. Now, this was something I knew would happen. I knew when everyone was telling me, “everything will be fine in the end” that they would be right. I knew that the little “mistakes” and “imperfections” would fade away as the beauty of the decor and overall look of the condo took over. However, when you are in the moment, staring at those imperfections, those comments don’t really mean anything to you. In those moments it isn’t about what it will be, it’s about what is.  That’s not true with everything for me, just when you are spending a lot of money to pay professionals to do a job you expect to be perfect. That’s when it’s hard to look past the imperfections.

Anyway, that phase is over, and while I can still see some of the imperfections, they are starting to fade as time goes on.  We still have a lot of work to do, but at least it is livable now.  We aren’t rushing on the decor, so the pictures you see below may look a little empty.  However, if you scan down to my previous post and see the before pictures you will appreciate the differences:



I can’t tell you how much everything has changed since we moved into our own space. I had no idea how much staying in a small bedroom in someone else’s home affected me. To now be able to wake up and have the whole house to ourselves is so freeing and inspiring. I feel like my mind has opened up and I have such a clearer vision of everything. I am starting to actually SEE the views from our condo and appreciate the town that we live in. I can’t imagine what it will be like when we come down next year and almost everything is done and we can relax and enjoy.



Fitness Trail Workout

Here in Venice, Fl there are not many woods, and very little trails that look anything like the ones back home. However, right near where I am staying, there is a HUGE park with tons of Soccer and Baseball Fields, Tennis Courts, Football Stadium, a Basketball Court and a Fitness Trail.  Of course, I have been having a field day with this area for my workouts!

The entrance to this Fitness Trail is conveniently located at about the half way point of the 4 mile loop I run.  So, I dump into the “woods” and do a different circuit every time.  Sometimes I use the “equipment” for its intended purpose, and sometimes (most the time) I do my own thing.

Here is one of my workouts.

Come along with me……

Run about 2.2 miles to the entrance of the fitness trail.


2 sets of 10 (assisted) Pull Ups

SAM_2470 SAM_2471

Sprint about .2 miles to the next exercise


20 Elevated Push Ups

10 Semi-Elevated Push Ups

SAM_2486 SAM_2487

Burpee –>Jump on Bench–>Burpee

(20 Jumps on Bench Total)

Sprint about .2 miles to Next Exercise


50 High Knees on the Bench

SAM_2492 SAM_2493

Sprint to next Exercise


25 Plyo Jumps on Bench


High Knees

(back and forth 10 times)



20 Reverse Push Ups


Run 2 miles back home!

capri west

Change Your Life: Step One….

Our thoughts change our reality. Our actions change our lives. If you don’t like where your life is, if you don’t like how things are going, YOU are the director of the script….YOU are the writer of your destiny….write a new script. Start by taking small steps and eventually the small steps will lead to big changes.
STEP ONE: Talk to as many people as you possibly can!!!!!


As I constantly experiment and learn about myself and the world around me, I am amazed how just the smallest things can change everything. One thing I tell everyone who either is looking to make a big life change or asks how we are so “lucky” is this:  TALK TO EVERYONE YOU MEET!!!  Tell them what your intentions are. Tell them what you are passionate about and what you want out of this life. Whether it’s traveling, a business you want to start, running a marathon….anything. People want to hear someone talk with passion. It is refreshing and is not found in enough people. So many people are caught in the motions and monotony of life that they become robots and talk about what they’ve been programmed to talk about. The weather. Sports. Politics. TV Shows. Really?!?!  Is that what you spend your time thinking about?  Has this society and the people in it stolen all of your passion that this is all you are left with?
When Erik and I tell people that we left our jobs to travel in a camper and see this world I cannot believe the reaction we get. Maybe it’s the way we light up like children telling them about the mountains of North Carolina and South Carolina, but it is amazing how people cling to our every word.


When they introduce us to their friends and family they say, “tell them what you guys are doing!” with such excitement. Like we are the only living beings in a community of robots. It’s almost as if THEY start feeling excitement and passion as we tell them about OUR life. They want to know every detail almost as if they are living through us. It really makes me so happy, but also a bit sad knowing that most never followed their hearts and can only live their dreams second hand.
Besides the fact that people want to hear you talk with passion, I have found on my journey that most people WANT TO HELP YOU. People like to feel like they are contributing and take real joy in helping others. If we tell them we are going to Charleston, they tell us that they know someone who lives their who can show us around, etc. You will be amazed how just talking to people will allow opportunities to fall into your lap. If you don’t open your mouth and tell people what you want, you will never get it. Every stranger on the street has something that you don’t have. Sometimes it’s not things. Sometimes it’s better than that. It’s KNOWLEDGE!  For us, it comes in the form of places to go see. If I didn’t talk the lady at the cocktail party we went to about my love of painting, I would have never found out about the Art Demos they do at Venice Art Center 3 days a week. If I never spoke to the lady at the Art Demo I never would have found out about the Sunset Drum Circle at Nokomis Beach Wednesday’s and Saturdays. If we didn’t speak to the couple at the Drum Circle we wouldn’t have known they do the same thing at Siesta Key on Sunday’s.


TALK TO EVERYONE YOU MEET AND YOUR WORLD WILL OPEN UP!!!  There are not only good people out there, but there are people who want to help you reach your goals and follow your passion because this world needs more people who are ALIVE doing what they love.


Our Home Away From Home

Last Friday morning we packed up our “home” and headed South towards warmer weather. Our time at Table Rock had drew to an end, and we couldn’t have been more pleased with the experience. When I dropped the keys, walkie talkie, etc off Friday morning to our maintenance friends they pleaded, “can’t you stay?” They told us we are welcomed back anytime and the park won’t be the same without us. This meant a lot coming from seasoned employees that we only had the pleasure of working with for 3 short weeks. I quickly realized that “home” can easily be transported with a cozy 20 ft camper and welcoming neighbors.

But, as we broke the camper down on a bone chilling 23 degree dark morning, we knew that Venice, Fl was the logical next stop for us. You see, Venice has been a place we have been coming to for over 8 years, and a place Erik has been coming to since his parents bought their condo in 1989. Every year we come we find new beaches, new biking paths, new restaurants, and more reasons to fall in love. The weather never disappoints, staying in a consistent range of 6580 degrees and sunny during the day. We arrive in Venice every year with a big exhale and a smile on our faces. We look at each other and think or say, “home”.


Our first week here has been so pleasant. I think we have seen 5 clouds since we have arrived. Lol. The blue skies, turquoise waters, and pink sunsets have mixed well with the Christmas Lights, Snowmen, and Santa Hats lining the streets. It looks unnaturally natural!


So, here we are in the sunshine state. Walking an average of 5 miles a day with Gunner, in a much different landscape than last location. Flat roads as opposed to rugged mountains. Flip Flops have replaced our hiking boots. Bike rides daily with Gunner in his basket, stealing hearts as we ride by.  Coffee and croissants at our local favorites. Creamsicle ice cream cones at the famous Nokomis Grove.  Living it up with the other snowbirds. Happy as hell and loving life!


You’re Never Too Old

“You’re never too old. It’s never too late”

Yoga on the Beach in Venice, Fl


Every year my husband and I take a break from the cold winter months and travel to Venice, Fl for some sun and warmth. During our time there I spend every waking minute OUTSIDE.  Running, Biking, Walking. 

Many mornings I end up at Venice Beach.  Sunday Morning was one of those times. This is what I see. Every morning over 300 Seniors line the beach for Yoga. What an amazing way for them to start their morning. What is your excuse? 


200 Yd Results & the REAL Challenge Revealed

sometimes you need to drag the spouse for support

sometimes you need to drag the spouse for support

On Thursday my husband, Erik, and I headed to the football field to try the 200 yd  challenge I explained a few blogs back.   We were both nervous, feeling like we were walking into the first day of tryouts.  I really think that being an “athlete” is a lifetime character trait, and the emotions you felt during your career are ones you can tap into at any time as if they were there yesterday.  We decided to take turns, one timing while the other is sprinting.  Stepping up to the goal line, 100 yards seemed SO FAR away….AND we had to sprint BACK too.  We were not only worried that we may be throwing up our breakfast, but we would be doing it on the 5th interval….6 away from our goal! Continue reading