Basketball Court Workout

Here is a typical workout that I would do in Venice, Fl at a basketball court on my running route.

It can be one at any park you can find a bench at.


20 Tricep Dips


20 Elevated Shoulder Slaps


20 Up and Overs

50 Bench Jumps


Walking Lunge to First Line


Frog Jumps to next Line


(Continue this down the court and back)

Sprint Suicides

(Foul Line/Center Court/Opposite Foul Line/Opposite Baseline)


My First Venice “Client”


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If you have been reading my blog, you know that I spent the last 3 weeks in Venice, Fl. While at a “social” in the condo complex, I met a renter who brought up that she likes working out, and has not found a challenging workout in the area. She had been doing workouts in her condo by herself, but still could not get the workout she got from her trainer back home. I took this opportunity to offer her a workout session at the park right down the road.

I am so passionate about sharing my outdoor workout ideas, and I was fortunate for this opportunity. When renting in Florida during the winter months, why would you NOT want to do most of your workout outside, instead of at a YMCA?

I did not know her fitness level, so I decided to just have a general idea of exercises to do, ones which can be done at all levels. Continue reading

Yoga Challenge: 2 Week Results (photo progression)



It has been 16 days since I posted my first pictures of my chosen Yoga Poses.  Since then, I have tried to incorporate Yoga daily, whether it be a 10 minute/50 minute Tara Stiles YouTube video, or practicing Yoga by myself on the beach.  After viewing the difference between my Week One & Week Two Poses, I realize that to continue to make big changes (and even maintain changes) I need to start practicing longer every day and a bigger variety of poses.  I tend to do the same Tara Stiles Video (which I love because it’s 50 minutes) and I can see the poses that are repeated in that video are the ones I am seeing the biggest improvements in (downward dog, low lunge, etc)  When I get home I plan to attend more Yoga classes!  Continue reading

Stadium Workout

50 Plyo Jumps

50 Plyo Jumps

We are still in Venice, Fl, and I cannot get enough of the weather.  It has been mid 80’s and sunny every day since we have been here, and I am in HEAVEN!  As always, I try to spend as much time as possible outside, and of course that includes my workouts!

Today I decided to use the Football stadium down the road from the condo.   The stadium is about .75 miles away, which I used as my warm-up jog.  I then used the stairs & field for the rest of my workout, which you can find below.

As you will learn through this blog, there is a fitness facility around every corner, you just have to be creative!

3/4 mile warm up jog

End with 3/4 mile 5K pace home.