Welcoming “Spring” with a Trail Run

It has been a tough winter here in the Northeast. After the Blizzard that dropped 39 inches, we were hit with a 2nd storm a few weeks later, dropping another 18 inches. Needless to say it is a hot mess everywhere, with no trails dry enough for a “clean” run.


Bluff Point State Park Groton, CT

Going absolutely stir crazy, and with my first trail race looming around the corner (Bimblers Bash, April 7th) I knew I had to spend our day off on Monday on the trails. While many trails were still covered in snow, I jumped on bikerag.com to see if anyone was talking about some clean trails.  This lead us to a 50 minute drive to Bluff Point State Park in Groton, CT, which a Mt Biker said was dry!

I have never been to this State Park before, and I was pleasantly surprised. The trail started off along the water of the sound, and then dipped into some fast, single tracks. I was surprised with how well my husband did, as he is just getting back into working out. He is a natural runner, and kept right up with me. He was happy to get breaks after hills, since I am coming off a bad chest cold, along with being in bad running shape. We were also offered rest periods when we would pop out right on the sound, offering amazing views.


I am so happy we got out of the house and explored these new woods.  After about an hour, we popped out at our car. While Erik walked down to the water I asked if he minded if I jumped back in to run up the hill we had just run down. While I entered the woods solo, I was able to get into my “trail running meditative state” and I couldn’t help but wonder how anyone would rather run on the road. The tranquility and stillness of the woods, mixed with the twisting & turning of the trail makes it my happy place.


Good thing we got it in….just got another 5 inches of snow 😦 Happy Spring!!!