Wednesday Workout



No Equipment Workout

I haven’t posted very many blogs in the last few months. This is for a few reasons, but mostly because:

A) I’ve been insanely busy working two jobs in their prime seasons (golf course & fitness)

B) my training the last couple months consisted mostly of running, running and more running.

However, as you may have read in my Cayuga Race Report my race is done and my long training runs have subsided and I am starting to get back to more strength/plyometric workouts.

I have also been told by several people in the last 2 weeks that they miss my posts, especially the workouts. Hmmmm. Who knew people were actually reading. Hahahah

So, if you ARE READING and ENJOY IT please let me know.


10 Burpees

10 Plank to Push Up

10 Squat Jumps

10 Hand Release Push Ups

Home Workout: Hill Repeats

After a long morning of training, what I intended to be a few minutes of relaxing on the couch, turned into a 45 minute nap. I must have been really tired because I never nap.  With this unexpected snooze, I didn’t give myself enough time to get out on the run I intended to do. Although I did bootcamp this morning, I felt my legs needed some running and elevation work.  With daylight fading, and temperatures dropping, I did what I do best; created an indoor challenge. 

I may have been a little too over zealous on this one. However, once a put a challenge out there for myself I WILL NOT STOP UNTIL IT’S DONE. The competitor in me. My biggest strength & strongest evil. 

Here’s the challenge. All you need is your staircase 


And an open space at the bottom of the stairs.





17/17, 16/16……..3/3, 2/2, 1/1

In total this is 210 times up and down the stairs and 210 push ups 

By 13 I wanted to give up, but I was proud of myself for pushing through. It took me about 45 minutes, but you can shorten it by starting at 15 or 10 and go down from there. 






Sunday Workout

A few Sundays ago I did this workout with fellow Personal Trainer Lauren.  This is the workout she does regularly, and if you saw the shape she was in, you would start doing it immediately!  Enjoy!

Track Workout Challenge

track wourkoutOkay, I need some of you to do this workout and give me a goal time!  The Burpees I will be doing CHEST TO GROUND and the squat jumps should be done with the BUTT BELOW THE KNEES.  Send me your times on here or on TWITTER: @myworldmygym.



2000 Rep Challenge


The other day I completed and posted a 1000 rep challenge.  I took me about 45 minutes and I woke up the next morning feeling sore all over.  I quickly realized that this was another great way to get my workouts in at home, while making  it interesting.  To make it even better, I had 3 clients who follow me on Twitter see and complete the workout too.  You have no idea how happy it makes me to help people workout by giving them ideas, and it quickly reminded me why I made this blog to begin with.

So, yesterday it was cold and rainy (like the first time I did one of these challenges) and I told myself that when I got home I was NOT going to lay on the couch, but create and post another challenge.  Accountability and motivation!  So, here it is.  I had to up the anti.  2000 Reps!  It took me about 1 hour 15 minutes, and if I didn’t have those squares to check off I guarantee I would have stopped 45 minutes in.

Note: I used the 25lb Kettlebell for the Russian Twist

Each square is 10 reps, except for the top which they are 20 reps each.


Cricket: On all fours, knees bent, jumping off hands and feet together so all 4’s are in the air.

Shoulder Slap: Push up position, left hand right shoulder, right arm left shoulder (each slap is 1 rep)

Shoe Clap: on all fours, knees slightly bent, jump feet off the ground, shift weight to hands and clap feet in the air.

Sit and Stand: Sit down, lift both feet a few inches off the ground, plant feet and stand (do not rock)