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200 yd Challenge

SAM_1342Today my husband and I will head to the nearest football field for a cardiovascular challenge. While working with another trainer at a soccer clinic, he presented the girls with this challenge & I had to try it. I LOVE challenges 🙂

So, if you are traveling or can’t get to the gym, find a football field (or you can measure 200 yds) and a stopwatch and try this:

You have ONE MINUTE to sprint down the football field and back (200 yds)
one minute-your time = your rest (ex. it takes you 40 seconds, you have a 20 second rest)
You are done once it takes you more than a minute to do 200 yds.

Obviously, as you go your rest time is going to diminish. This is testing your cardiovascular endurance & your recovery time. A Division 1 athlete is expected to complete at least 11 rounds. Are you at that level?!?!